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St. Joseph High School is excited to offer mini courses to our students each year in January. These popular week-long classes provide students with the opportunity to explore a number of special interest classes including dance, BBQ preparation, and other non-traditional courses. 
The overwhelming consensus of students and faculty is that mini courses are a great way to begin the second semester of school! For more information on the classes being offered this year, please refer to the Mini-Course Offerings Booklet at the bottom of this page.
"I liked mini courses because it gave me a chance to learn something new that I would normally not learn about." Kaileen - SJHS Student 
"I think mini courses were really fun...I enjoyed mine and learned a lot." Adison - SJHS Student 
"I thought mini courses were awesome!" Aaron - SJHS Student 
"I thought mini courses were a good experience. I liked all of my classes and thought they were all worthwhile." Anonymous SJHS Student

Mini Course Information


Mini Courses Registration is here!!


Mini-Courses are a great way to start the second semester and provide a variety of unique learning experiences. Mini courses are January 3-6, 2017. All students are required to attend. Please check The Shield for more details.  Mini courses are comprised of three separate periods. When looking at the booklet, attached below, please find the mini-course you would like for each of these periods. Make sure that you have at least two alternatives in mind when you go to register. All Freshmen must take Sex Respect. If you have any questions about Mini Courses, please contact your student’s counselor.


*Please note that you must have all permission slips and fees with you when you register for your mini-courses. If you do not, then you will be unable to register for the mini-course you would like to take.


**All mini-courses are on a first come, first served basis.