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Prayers for Students


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Daily Scripture Reading



Before a Class:

As I go into class today, help me 

to understand 

to absorb 

to obtain knowledge 

to guide my thoughts 

and help me to use this for the good of all mankind 

so I can return to You with praises and thanksgiving. 



For In Between Classes

Lord, my God, 

Thank You for this beautiful day. 

Help my work today to be fruitful. 

Help me to walk by Your side each moment 

so I may be able to do Your will. 

Bless all those I encounter today, 

That they may receive You into their hearts. 

Thank You for allowing me to know You 

and to reflect Your love in my life. 

Bless this day, Lord. Amen


For Late Night Studying


Please help me to clear my mind of any distractions. 

Help me absorb everything I study and help me 

know that You are with me and that I am not alone 

even if it seems as if the whole world is asleep. 

Give me Your strength in the morning. 

Renew me, and refresh my mind so that I 

remember everything I studied. 

Thank you for the gift of knowledge 

and the opportunity to learn. Amen 


Unprepared for a Test

God, You know I don’t know what I am doing, 

and for whatever reason I did not prepare myself for this test. 

I’m not asking for a miracle, 

but I am asking You to calm my nerves 

and help me remember this isn’t the end of the world. 

At the end of the day any damage that is done will be reparable, 

even if that seems unlikely at the moment. I also pray that in the 

future I will do a better job of preparing. Amen.


Prayer before an event or performance

Lord, in Your mercy and Your grace 

Please keep 

my heart in prayer, 

my mind in focus, 

my ego in check, 

so that I might offer this gift of my performance 

to the glory and honor of Your name. Amen 


Freshman Prayer

Lord, I am lonely in this new place, among new people. 

Turn my head toward You, my joy and comfort 

so that all my pursuits and friendships and dreams 

may be based on the solid foundation of Your love. 

Lord, please come to me in this time of transition. 

I offer You all my present struggles and sadness 

and all my future joys and successes. 

Fill my heart with Your grace so that I may find the peace I seek. 

Help me to glorify You in all things. 

I offer You this prayer, for I love You and I trust You. Amen 


Prayer to Help a Friend

Lord, grant me the strength, the courage, 

the patience, and the humility I need to help my friend. Let me love 

selflessly by Your supreme example. 

Holy Spirit, fill me with Your grace so that my words become Yours. 

Thank You for being my support and comfort so that I may support 


and comfort my friend. Amen



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