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St. Joseph High School is one of an international family of schools opened and staffed by the Josephite Fathers. The first schools founded by the Josephite Fathers were in Belgium just after the fall of Napoleon in 1815. Constant Van Crombrugghe, the founder of the Josephite Fathers opened the first Josephite school in Geraardsbergen, Belgium in 1817. Other schools in Melle and Leuven were opened over the course of the next 40 years.
In 1869, the first Josephite school outside of Belgium, St. George's College was opened in England. In the Twentieth Century, a fourth school was opened in Belgium in La Berlier in the french-speaking part of Belgium and schools were opened by the Josephite Fathers in the Congo, which until 1964 was a Belgian colony.
Finally, St. Joseph High School, built and owned by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, was opened by the Josephite Fathers in 1964. Over the next half-century the Josephite schools have grown closer to each other due to easier travel and better communication. St. Joseph High School has been blessed to have had Josephite priests from Belgium, England and Africa teach and minister to its students. St. Joseph High School is almost unique among the high schools of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles to have such a deep and long-lasting relationship with other high schools outside the United States. This relationship provides an opportunity for St. Joseph High School students to develop relationships with students around the world and provides them a special experience of being part of the universal Church. The videos below are in the mp4 format and work best with Google Chrome or Firefox.