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Academic Policy


In order to assist each student at St. Joseph High School achieve to the best of each one's ability, we have established the following policies. Please read them carefully.

Seniors are required to take at least six classes, five of which must be academic. If there is room in their schedule, they may have a Lawn Period as a seventh period. In order to receive this privilege, the Senior must have a good discipline record and an academic GPA of at least 2.0 with no D or F at each grading period.

A student who has a GPA below 2.0 may not participate in any athletic activities until the next term (quarter) when the student has met the academic requirements. If a student receives an "F" grade for two consecutive quarters in the same class, he/she is ineligible regardless of GPA.

The school will sponsor students for taking an Advanced Placement Test only after the designated A.P. course has been completed. All students enrolled in an AP class are required to take the national exam as part of the course's curriculum.

A student is placed on Academic Probation if his/her GPA is below 1.75. A student on academic probation two consecutive semesters or a third academic probation during enrollment will be required to withdraw from the school. If a student receives three or more Fs in any semester, he/she will be asked to withdraw from St. Joseph High School.

The standard grading policy for St. Joseph High School is:
100% - 90% = A 89% - 80% = B 79% - 70% = C 69% - 60% = D Below 59% = F

The school grading policy is followed by all teachers; however, in certain circumstances and on an individual basis, the professional discretion of the teacher may be exercised.

At the end of the semester, a comprehensive final will be given in each class.

Students who pass a course and earn credit for it may not repeat the class for credit.