St. Joseph High School



Who Are We?

BASH (Building A Scholastic Heritage) is part of the fundraising efforts of the St. Joseph High School Development Office.  St. Joseph High School depends on BASH's support in its continuing mission of bringing a values-based Christian education to our students. We are a small school whose size promotes the development of a caring, family environment. St. Joseph High School maintains high academic standards and a strong college preparatory curriculum with a track record of success.
What Do We Do?

Each year, to help us meet our goals, BASH hosts an exciting auction, held on two nights.  The annual auction is a popular fundraiser that has established itself in our area as a premier social event.  Proceeds bolster St. Joseph High School’s operating budget and the endowment.
How Can You Help?

We encourage, and greatly appreciate your participation in BASH through attending, volunteering your time and talents, donating, and advertising.  The BASH office is located in the modular unit in front of the football field; stop by to say hello to Laurie Gonzalez, our BASH Director.  Support from our community, parents, alumni, and student body is essential to our continued success!
Check out our new Facebook page at:  St. Joseph High School-BASH