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St. Joseph High School relies on the contributions of many members of its school community. One of the ways that the school can utilize the talents and dedication of community members is through the work of the various advisory boards that help the school’s administrators with decision-making. All of these advisory boards serve to advance St. Joseph’s mission and philosophy. Membership on boards may be realized through elections, nominations by existing board members, or by appointments made by the principal or other administrators.
The following is a list of current boards and their functions. For a list of members for each of the boards described below, please click on the appropriate link in the navigation box to the right.
Principal's Consultative Board
This board provides direction to the principal on general operational aspects during meetings that are held quarterly.
Endowment Committee
The Endowment Committee of the Principal’s Board of Advisors is generally composed of members of the PBOA’s Executive Committee and counsels the principal and the development director on the school’s investments. Its meetings are held twice a year.
Parent Board
This board meets monthly during the school year with the principal and vice-principal to help direct non-athletic related student activities.
Booster Club Board
The Booster Board Club meets monthly during the school year with the principal and the athletic director in matters related to athletics.
Community Board
The Community Board serves as an ad hoc committee of the Principal’s Board of Advisors to advise the development director on development policies and practices. This board meets every other month.
Trust Committee
The TRUST Committee has been active at St. Joseph High School for eleven years. TRUST is an acronym that stands for Towards Repsonsibility, Understanding, Strength and Truth. The committee is comprised of a small group of parents and school administrators whose mission is to make a difference in the lives of our students and families by offering a variety of classes, speakers, programs, and activities during the school year that will educate students and parents and address the ongoing problems and risks of teenage alcohol and substance abuse. Our goal is to encourage our students to make safe and healthy choices by choosing not to use drugs or alcohol.