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iPad FAQ

iPads – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Beginning of the 2014 school year all students will be required to purchase their own iPad for use at school.

Q: Which iPad should I buy?

A: The iPad 2, the iPad 4 or iPad mini are all acceptable. All iPads are to be 32 GB Wi-Fi. The exception is juniors and seniors may use a 16 GB Wi-Fi iPad because it will take several years to transition to all eBooks, which require more memory.

Q: What else is needed for the iPad?

A:  St. Joseph requires students to have the following:

1.     A cover/case to protect their device from damage (any brand cover/case is acceptable).

2.     Parents should strongly consider purchasing an extend care or an insurance replacement program available at many retailers at the time of purchase.

3.     An Apple ID account and an iTunes account for the purchasing of apps.

4.     An iCloud account with “find my iPhone/iPad” app installed.

Q: Will St. Joseph High School be selling iPads?

A: No. Given the widespread availability of iPads by different retailers, St. Joseph High School wants parents to make the purchase from a company or store of their choice.

Q: Will St. Joseph provide financial aid for the purchase of an iPad?

A: No. St. Joseph is very committed to helping parents and students, but all available funding, including scholarships, must still go toward tuition assistance.

Q: May students opt out of buying an iPad?

A: No. While St. Joseph recognizes other electronic devices or tablets exist, the decision was made to go exclusively with the iPad. Beginning August 2014, all students will be required to have an iPad.

Q: Are digital textbooks available on the iPad?

A: Yes. All electronic text books and books lists can be found on ESCO. More information will be forthcoming.

Q: Will students be allowed to use the school’s Wi-Fi network to get Internet access?

A: Yes. Students will only be allowed to access the Internet through the school’s network while on campus. No other network will be allowed, including 3G, 4G or LTE.

Q: What happens if a student breaks his iPad or if it goes missing or stolen?

A: Similar to cell phones, the iPad is the student/parent’s property and it will be the student's responsibility to properly care for, protect and secure the iPad at all times. Some retailers will replace your broken or damaged iPad with a new one if you buy into their replacement program. Please know that replacement programs cover damage or malfunctions, not lost or stolen iPads.

Q: Will students be restricted from installing their own music, games or apps?

A: Under most circumstances, no. Students will be able to install their own music, games, or apps, similar to their phones. Please be aware that with the 16 GB model students will not be able to store excessive amounts of music, games, photos or apps. Similar to our cell phone policy, inappropriate photos or other images will not be allowed on the iPad.

Q: Will students be able to print at school from their iPad?

A: Yes. Printers will be available at school to print. Due to rising costs, however, a charge will apply for printing on campus.

Q: Are there additional steps the school recommends to protect iPads from getting lost or stolen?

A: While students are required to register their iPad with the school, parents and students should also record their iPad serial number at home. It is also recommended that students have their name engraved on the iPad. Investigate whether your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance would cover a lost or stolen iPad. Make sure you install the “Find my iPhone” app (it uses GPS to locate your iPad and tell you where it is).

Q: Will students still need a desktop computer at home once they have an iPad?

A: Yes. While the iPad should be able to handle most of the students computing needs, it is not intended to replace a desktop computer or laptop. We still strongly suggest students use a PC or MAC computer to sync with the iPad.

Q: Do I have to have Internet connection at home for my child to use the iPad?

A: No, but it will be helpful as many classes will use the Internet to access content, do research and communicate with their teachers and peers. Also note that the iPad has no wired connection and can only access the Internet via a wireless connection.

Q: Will the Internet be filtered on the iPad?

A: SJHS uses Internet filters on its computer networks on campus. While on campus, iPads will be filtered using the same technology. While no Internet filtering is 100% effective, it does help cut down on students browsing inappropriate websites.

Q: Has St. Joseph High School established some rules to help promote iPad security at school?

A: Yes. These policies will be outlined in the Technology Usage section of The Shield.