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Honors and Advanced Placement Program


The Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) Program is designed for students who will benefit from the most rigorous course of study that St. Joseph High School has to offer. Upon admission to St. Joseph, students are enrolled in one of the three diploma programs offered at the school. Those students who have scored particularly high on the High School Placement Exam (usually above the 85% nationally) and have earned "A" grades in junior high or middle school are placed in the College Prep with Honors Program. These students are then eligible to be enrolled in honors level courses during their Freshman year. Students who were not enrolled in the Honors Program upon admission, may petition to be admitted into the Honors Program based upon highly successful completion of College Preparatory coursework. Most Honors courses taken during a student's Freshman and Sophomore year are not subject to weighted grades. Honors and AP courses usually taken during the Junior and Senior year are weighted. Grade points for AP Courses are as follows:
A+, A, A- = 5.0
B+, B, B- = 4.0
C+, C, C- = 3.0
D+, D, D- = 1.0
F = 0.0
Students enrolled in the Honors Program are expected to matriculate into Advanced Placement courses during their Junior and Senior years (AP European History is taught during Sophomore year). Students who graduate from the school with a College Prep with Honors diploma must meet the following criteria:
  • Maintain a minimum "Academic" GPA of 3.5 or better and earn at least 250 credits
  • Complete one additional year of either Math, Science or Foreign Language (than College Prep students)
  • Successfully complete three, year-long Advanced Placement courses in two different disciplines, taking at least one full course in the Junior year and one full course in the Senior year
The Advanced Placement program is overseen by the College Board. Advanced Placement classes are taught as college-level courses, and are therefore expected to be particularly rigorous.
St. Joseph offers Advanced Placement courses in the following areas:
  • European History
  • United States History
  • English Language and Compostion
  • English Literature and Compostion
  • Biology
  • Calculus AB
  • Spanish Language
Some AP courses require the completion of a certain amount of summer work. There is a fee required by the College Board for each AP exam.
Students who score a "3"," 4" or "5" on the national AP exam are eligible to earn college credit, depending upon the colleges in which they choose to enroll. Entrance into Advanced Placement courses may be allowed even though students are not enrolled in the College Prep with Honors Program, provided the students have the approval of the teacher and the Dean of Studies. The school will sponsor students to take the national Advanced Placement exam only after the designated AP Course (or another designated course) has been completed. All students enrolled in an AP Course are required to take the national AP exam in that subject area as a part of the course's curriculum.
Students who desire to take three or more AP courses in one year must petition the AP Committee (composed of all AP Teachers) for the right to do so, considering the demands of such as schedule.