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Thank you for all the work you do for Bingo!
Your commitment and hard work are essential to the success of our program. The funds raised through Bingo provide us with the financial resources to offer our students a wide variety of quality programs in arts, academics and student activities as well as tuition assistance.
We also offer the opportunity for parents to earn tuition credit by becoming regular workers  (working once or twice a month) and taking on positions of authority such as callers, crew chiefs and cashiers.  Thank you for your dedication. You are making a difference in the lives of all our students.
If you have been assigned a shift that you are unable to fulfill, please find a replacement.  Another member of your immediate family or another parent/guardian of a currently enrolled St. Joseph student may work for you.  A NO SHOW can be devastating to our ability to provide adequate service to our customers.  If you cannot arrange for someone to take your shift, please contact a Bingo Director at one of the numbers listed below for assistance.  (Please note: this does not relieve you of your responsibility.)
Thank you for your dedicated service!  Becky Bernier and Fr. Ed Jalbert

Mrs. Becky Bernier  922-6235
Bingo  937-2038  Ext. 148
For questions or concerns you may also email us at  (please do not use this email as a means to notify us that you will be unable to work your assigned shift; call one of the numbers listed above)