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Retreat History


Kairos is a Greek word meaning “God’s time.”  More specifically, Kairos refers to the time God creates in order for people of faith to meet and experience Him on His terms.  Kairos is a high school retreat program started in Ohio with a Jesuit high school affiliated with John Carroll University and it is based on the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola.  Kairos retreats are used throughout the entire United States and around the world.  The retreat is an intense, four-day process that provides participants the chance to contemplate God's role in their lives.
St. Joseph High School has a very special and unique Kairos retreat tailored to best meet the needs of it’s “senior” student population.  It was established at St. Joseph’s in 1999 by a handful of dedicated teachers and students.  Today, each retreat is led by faculty members, alumni, and students who have all attended at least one other Kairos retreat.  The difference between Kairos and other retreats is that it focuses on helping one find his or her own personal relationship with God during a few days of discerning and discovery.  Through the course of the retreat, a building of a strong community takes place, through encouraging openness, reflection, and trust.  This experience is a highlight of the senior year.