Bell Schedule- UPDATED

  • Period 1: 7:45-9:15am
  • Break: 9:15-9:25am

  • Period 2: 9:25-10:55am
  • Break: 10:55-11:05am

  • Period 3: 11:05am-12:35pm
  • Attendance Policy

  • A student may miss one day of class with a doctor's note.
  • Missing one day unexcused or more than one day excused will result in losing credit for the course(s).
  • Students who do not earn the required .75 mini course credits (.25 credits per class) will be required to forego
  • a free period in their senior year and enroll in an elective semester course in order to graduate.

    Discipline and Dress Code

  • All regular discipline policies will be enforced, and the regular dress code will apply with the exception that students will be permitted to wear appropriate t-shirts. Athletic pants/shorts are approved and leggings cannot be worn unless appropriate shorts are worn over them.
  • Masthead