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Admissions Process & Policies


Freshman Entrance Requirements:

**Incoming Freshman application must be submitted in order to register for the placement exam.

  • Placement exam above 20th percentile**
  • Completion of Personal Statements
  • Review of seventh and eighth grade*** report cards including grades, citizenship, and work habits.
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA with no "D" or "F" semester marks during the eighth grade.
  • Family interview with a St. Joseph High School Administrator or Counselor.
  • Interview with feeder school personnel, as needed.
  • Total freshman enrollment not to exceed 175 students.

**For children of alumni or siblings of alumni/present student who test between the 10th-20th percentile, to be eligible to enroll for the freshman year, we require attendance at St. Joseph's summer school English class and passing with a "C" or higher with no behavior concerns.

***The eighth grade report card is to include the first semester or second trimester depending on one's school.

Your student will not be considered for placement unless we have both the seventh grade and eighth grade report cards. It is your responsibility to see that they are provided to us prior to the deadline (date early in 2019, TBA).

Incoming Transfer Students

Students who desire to enroll after the beginning of the school year or who enter in the 10th or 11th grade must make an appointment with the Admissions Director, admissions@sjhsknights.com. Students from local schools are admitted only at the beginning of the semester. Transfer students are accepted to the 10th and 11th grades if academic standing and conduct are satisfactory. Twelfth grade students are not generally accepted unless transferring from another Catholic high school. All transferring students are required to have a minimum GPA of 2.5 without any "D" or "F" grades and no "N" or "U" in Citizenship or Work Habits.

Student Non-Discrimination Policy (PDF)