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Admissions Process & Policies


Freshman Entrance Requirements:

  1. Go to www.sjhsknights.com to apply
    • click apply now or go to admissions tab to apply
    • be ready to upload your transcript
    • there are 3 personal statements to answer with your application (in essay format)
    • pay your application fee of $50.00
  2. During the application process online, you are able to choose your date for the HSPT (High School Placement Exam)
    • a reminder will be sent to you before the exam.
  3. After the exam, you will be scheduled for a family interview.
    • Letters of reference may be requested either before or after the interview to clarify applicant’s academic readiness for SJHS.
  4. Your admissions’ counselor will meet with the admissions’ committee to determine your admissions status at St. Joseph High School.
    • Binding priority admission to approximately 50 families by 2/15/19; these families will have the opportunity to secure their spot within 2 weeks before their spots are available for general-admission applicants.
    • General admission applications will be considered after the priority admissions window closes. Applicants will be notified of their admission status (admitted, wait listed, or encouraged to apply again next year) beginning February 26th.

Incoming Transfer Students

Students who desire to enroll after the beginning of the school year or who enter in the 10th or 11th grade must make an appointment with the Admissions Director, admissions@sjhsknights.com.

Students from local schools are admitted only at the beginning of the semester. Transfer students are accepted to the 10th and 11th grades if academic standing and conduct are satisfactory.

Twelfth grade students are not generally accepted unless transferring from another Catholic high school out of the area.

All transferring students are required to have a minimum GPA of 2.5 without any "D" or "F" grades and no "N" or "U" in Citizenship or Work Habits.

Student Non-Discrimination Policy (PDF)