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Tuition & Aid

Enrollment Fee
There is a $650 non-refundable enrollment fee for each student, however, if paid by April 13, 2018, returning students qualify for a discount of $50. The enrollment fee increases to $700 if paid between May 1 and May 15, and $750 if paid after May 15.

Tuition Rates

The tuition rate is determined annually. The standard tuition rate for the 2018-2019 school year is $8,900 for the first student; $7,120 for the second student; and no tuition charge for the third student and beyond.

Families with three or more children attending St. Joseph High School at the same time are only required to pay tuition for the first two children as outlined above; however, the enrollment fee is required for all children.
The cost of educating a St. Joseph High School student is not covered by tuition and enrollment fees alone. The actual cost is estimated at just under $14,000 but at St. Joseph High School we are committed to making a Catholic education as affordable as possible. Through our fundraising efforts, we are able to lower the cost to the standard rate listed above.

Tuition Payment Plans
  • Annual: Tuition paid in full by July 5 receives a 1.5% discount
  • Semi-Annual: Two payments due July 5 and December 5
  • Monthly: Eleven monthly payments with your choice of June 20 - April 20, or July 5 - May 5


Textbooks are not included in the tuition or enrollment fees and are purchased by each student. We have teamed with an internet-based bookstore to handle all of your textbook needs.


The BASH Auction is a big part of our fundraising efforts to lower tuition for all of our families; therefore, each family is required to participate.


Tuition assistance is granted to families who demonstrate financial need. Most families who send their children to St. Joseph make financial sacrifices. Our tuition assistance program is designed to help those families who, even with their sacrifices, are unable to meet the financial obligation of a full tuition. Unfortunately, the need for tuition assistance far outweighs the funds we have available but St. Joseph High School will make every effort to offer tuition assistance to students whose family income and academic progress warrant such support.

A student receiving tuition assistance must maintain each quarter: a minimum of 2.0 GPA with no “F” grade, no more than one “D” grade, and strive to model the school philosophy: To Image Christ in Mind, Heart, Body and Soul.


  • Complete the application form online by Friday, February 2, 2018 and supply the required documentation. Applications that are missing documentation cannot be verified, and therefore, cannot be processed by the St. Joseph High School Tuition Assistance Committee. Click the link below to access the application. (This application is required annually for all families requesting aid.)


  • Freshman applicants may also apply for Scholarships ranging in awards from $500 to $2,500. Applications must be submitted by Friday, February 2, 2018 and most are renewable each year with a renewal application.
  • Tuition assistance decision letters will be mailed mid-March to all families who applied for assistance including returning students and new students who have been accepted for admission. Parents are required to sign and return the acceptance form by the designated deadline or risk forfeiture of the award.

Note: The process is the same for families that apply after the February 2nd priority deadline, but there is no guarantee that aid will be available for qualified families.

Families of new students with exceptional financial need

New families who meet the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) Eligibility Guidelines (listed below) are strongly encouraged to complete the CEF application and schedule an appointment with a CEF representative. For more information please contact the Principal via email or phone (805) 937-2038 x114.

Please note that all CEF Awards are for $2,000 per year and must be applied for annually.