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Tuition & Aid


Financial Aid

Students are given financial assistance from the school, called Financial Aid. Families apply through FACTS for consideration of financial aid. These awards are communicated to parents in March of 2019 for the 2019-2020 school year.


CEF is the abbreviation for the Catholic Education Foundation, managed and awarded by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. CEF's mission is to provide tuition assistance to families meeting specific income parameters. Current 8th graders receiving CEF should apply through their Catholic elementary school.

New applicants (coming from non-Catholic feeders) should apply through https://cefdn.org/

While SJHS supports and works with CEF, we are not responsible for CEF awards, deadlines, applications, etc.


St. Joseph High School has been blessed by many generous families and benefactors. Please apply for a scholarship, based on merit or need. Each scholarship is as unique as its benefactor. Remember, a FACTS "Grant & Financial Needs Assessment" is required for all families applying for scholarship, even if the scholarship is not needs-based.

SJHS is pleased to offer FACTS Payment Plans & Grant & Aid Financial Needs Assessment on the same platform. Click the icon above to get started; this is the Financial Aid Application.

Affording St. Joseph High School

As part of the application process, families are able to apply for scholarships through both St. Joseph High School and the Catholic Education Foundation.

The application process begins 10/17/18; the scholarship application process will begin 12/01/18. Students may apply for tuition assistance through the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) and through one of the many renewable scholarships available to St. Joseph High School Students. For more information, visit www.sjhsknights.com/admissions/apply-for-a-scholar... . All scholarship applications and financial aid (FACTS applications) are due by 2/11/19 in order to be awarded for the 2019-2020 school year.

The tuition for the 2019-2020 school year is $9,275.00*

This year, families will have the option of rolling ½ of their registration fee, $700.00 if paid by 4/15/19, into their monthly tuition payments.

New Student Total investment:

Application Fee: $ 50.00

Registration Fee: $ 700.00**

Tuition: $ 9,275.00 * per year for all 4 years of your SJHS matriculation

iPad/iPad case: dependent on generation of iPad/family choice

Textbooks: as the school shifts to Canvas, many materials will be available in LMS

If a family has more than one child attending SJHS at a time, there is a 20% tuition discount for the oldest child, and no tuition charge for the oldest child(ren) if there are 3 or more students (parents only pay the 2 youngest tuitions).

Tuition Payment Plans

§Annual: Tuition paid in full by July 5 receives a 1.5% discount

§Semi-Annual: 2 payments due July 5 and December 5

§Monthly: 11 monthly payments with your choice of June 20 - April 20, or July 5 - May 5

SJHS locked in tuition rate for all 4 years of high school for students entering the fall of 2019 and graduating in 2023

**Students who register by 4/15/19 receive a $100.00 discount (total $700 registration); students accepting tuition assistance must pay their registration to accept assistance; the date will be communicated with award. Students who register between 4/16 and 5/15 will have a $50.00 discount (total $750.00 registration fee). Students who register between 5/16 and 5/31 will have an $800.00 registration fee. Students registering after 6/1/18 will have a $50.00 late registration fee (total $850.00 registration). Note, discounts are not available to wait-listed students. Waitlisted students will have one week after waitlist admission to register at normal registration rate; if the student does not register within a week, the admission will be rescinded, and the next waitlisted student will be offered the spot.