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Why St. Joseph High School?

St. Joseph High School is a great place for students to spend some of the most influential years of their lives. As these young men and women grow and mature into the adults they soon will become, it is important for them to have every opportunity to thrive intellectually, spiritually, athletically and socially.

At St. Joseph High School, students are surrounded by faculty and staff who truly care about the success of each child and work hard to ensure that all students are nurtured to their full potential. As you begin your exploration of St. Joseph High School, you will find again and again, that we are a unique community dedicated to helping students prepare for their future - Mind, Heart, Body and Soul.

"I thank God everyday for the St. Joseph teachers and coaches who became my mentors. Not only did I receive a top notch education but people took the time to guide me along a path to succeed. Going the extra mile to ensure each student is cared for is not an exception but rather the norm at St. Joseph's. I returned to coach at St. Joseph's because I value the tradition and community which places value on each student as an individual. A group bonded together by a selfless and caring spirit does amazing things for each individual, St. Joseph's staff understands this."

- Philip Adam, Class of 2006 St. Joseph High School, Rice University