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Phantom of the Opera Cast List and Rehearsal Schedule

Leads/Featured Characters Needed for all summer

The Phantom, a composer and magician known as the Opera Ghost

Steven Equihua

Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny, patron of the Opera, childhood sweetheart of Christine

Joshua Menusa

Monsieur Firmin, co-manager of the Opera

Joan Mabansag

Monsieur André, co-manager of the Opera

Melody McCormick

Carlotta Giudicelli, the Prima Donna of the Opera

Estelle Davis

Madame Giry, the ballet Mistress

Irene Dahmen

Ubaldo Piangi, leading tenor of the Opera, Carlotta’s husband

Jim Dahmen

Monsieur Reyer, the chief répétiteur/director of the Paris Opera

Maddy Kubiak

Meg Giry, Madame Giry’s daughter, member of the ballet chorus, Christine’s best friend

Sayuri Bryan

Christine Daaé, a chorus girl

Meghan Kelman

Leads/Featured Characters needed for limited summer rehearsal (Mrs. Curti will reach out to schedule with you)

Monsieur Lefèvre, the previous owner of the Opera

Jadyn Voss

Joseph Buquet, chief stagehand of the Opera

Scott Hartman

Characters needed in the fall only (Featured Ensemble)

Madame Firmin / Innkeepers Wife (in Don Juan Triumphant)

Kylar McNeil

Featured Soloist from Ensemble

Mia Landers

Princess (in Hanibal)

Brooke Johnson

Slave Master (in Hannibal)

Jhosai Rojas

Wardrobe Mistress/ Confidante (in Il Muto)

Kelsey Coyle

Featured Soloist from Ensemble

Angelica Juenke

Innkeepers Wife (in Don Juan Triumphant)

Kaitlyn La Casse

Ensemble/the monkey

Ava Dahmen

Ensemble/Fire Marshall and Epicene Jeweler

Ian Dahmen

Ensemble/Fire Marshall and Epicene Hairdresser

Mikaleigh Dougherty

Phantom Rehearsal Schedule

Weds, 6/12/19, 7:00-9:00pm

Weds, 6/26/19, 7:00-9:00pm

Monday, 7/1/19, noon-3pm

Monday, 7/8/19, noon-3pm, all leads and featured cast

Monday, 7/15/19, noon-3pm, Act I

Monday, 7/22/19, 12:30pm-3:30pm

Monday, 7/29/19, noon-3pm

Monday, 8/5/19, noon-3pm

Leads only, Leads only, Wednesday, 8/14/19, 7-9pm

Leads only, Leads only, Wednesday, 8/21/19, 7-9pm

Leads only, Leads only, Wednesday, 8/28/19. 7-9pm

Leads only, Leads only, Wednesday, 9/4/19, 7-9pm

All ensemble Sunday, 9/8/19 – 1-4pm

TBD- 9/11/19, 7-9pm

All ensemble Sunday, 9/15/19 – 1-4pm

TBD- 9/18/19, 7-9pm

All ensemble Sunday, 9/22/19 – 1-4pm

TBD, LEADS: LEADS: 9/25/19, 7-9pm

10/2/19, 7-9pm

All ensemble Sunday, 10/6/19 – 1-4pm

TBD, LEADS: LEADS: 10/9/19, 7-9

All ensemble Sunday, 10/13/19 – 1-4pm

TBD, LEADS: LEADS: 10/16/19, 7-9pm

All ensemble Sunday, 10/20/19 – 1-4pm

TBD, LEADS: LEADS: 10/23/19, 7-9pm

All ensemble Sunday, 10/27/19 – 1-4pm

TBD, LEADS: LEADS: 10/30/19, 7-9pm

All ensemble Sunday, 11/3/19 – 1-4pm

TBD, LEADS: LEADS: 11/6/07, 7-9pm

All ensemble Sunday, 11/10/19 – 1-4pm

TBD, LEADS: LEADS: 11/13/19, 7-9pm

All ensemble Sunday, 11/17/19 – 1-4pm

11/20/19, 7-9pm

All ensemble Sunday, 11/24/19 – 1-4pm

All ensemble Sunday, 12/1/19 – 1-4pm

TBD, LEADS: LEADS: 12/4/19

All ensemble: Tech Week

Sunday, 12/8/19, 1-4pm

Monday, 12/9/19 – Thursday 12/12/19

Student mandatory homework: 3-4:30

Break/snack (bring your own) 4:30-5:00

Full tech run-through, 5:00-8:00pm


Doors open at 6:15pm, lobby opens at 6:00pm. Show start-time, appox. 6:35-6:40—come in full costume and stage makeup by 5:15


We are excited to welcome all Knights, Future Knights, AlumKnights, and Friends of School to participate in our exciting fall musical, the Phantom of the Opera. Leads must be available on Wednesdays during the summer to rehearse and block the 10 scenes comprised of only lead players. In the fall, rehearsals will be on Sundays after church for the entire ensemble to rehearse, block, and perfect the 4 ensemble scenes. For more information, contact the director, Mrs. Curti. The songs you need for rehearsal: Think of Me (female auditions) and Music of the Night (males).

The dance corps will be rehearsing with Mrs. Gregory during the dance class haled during the day at SJHS.

The ensemble will be cast in the fall of 2019; rehearsals will begin early September.

SPRING 2019 - Les Miserables