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K-8/Young Actors

Les Miserables has room for actors of ALL ages. There are 3 very visible roles for which we need young actors. Young Cosette (sings the solo "Castle on a Cloud"), young Gavroche (sings the solo "Little People"), and young Eponine (has speaking lines). We are open to using youth actors for other solo lines and ensemble speaking roles. If your young person is interested in auditioning, please have boys learn the first 30 seconds of "Little People," and girls learn the first 30 seconds of "Castle on a Cloud." All the music is provided in the Scripts/Resources tab. There are also videos below.

Please note, young people do NOT have to be perfect in the audition, they aren't expected to be fully memorized, and they aren't being held to some professional standard. We are basically seeing if the student appears to like being on stage, either in a group or alone, and if he/she enjoys singing. Children don't need to have an amazing voice to join the play, they just need to want to commit to the process and enjoy performing.

Thank you for your interest, and God Bless!