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Outstanding Alumni Award

What Is It?

The Outstanding Alumni Award honors the alumnus who best represents the motto of St. Joseph High School, "To Image Christ: Mind, Heart, Body and Soul“.

Who Earns It?

If you are aware of an alumnus who has given his or her time and/or resources to advance and support the needs of the Alumni Association and/or school OR by virtue of his/her professional career and/or lifetime accomplishments has not only achieved success, but has also given back to the school and/or the community in some manner OR as a result of a selfless act, has profoundly affected the lives of others in his/her community and/or world at large, then that is a possible nominee for this award.

If you have a possible nominee in mind, please submit your nomination via the form located on this page.

Nominations are due April 15, 2020

When Is It Recognized?

The recipient of this award will be notified by April 21, 2020. The honoree will be presented with the award and acknowledged in a school-wide Mass on May 1, 2020. A luncheon for the recipient will immediately follow the Mass and guests of the recipient are welcome to attend the luncheon.

Prior Outstanding Alumni Recipients

2004-- Robert Bonilla (class of '74)
2005- Michael Epperly (class of '75)
2006- Edward Quinonez (class of '81) &
Dan Reynolds (class of '84)
2007- Tricia Ochoa (class of '89)
2008- Dan Shepard (class of '88)
2009- Tim Markey (class of '79)
(awarded posthumously)
2010- Gino Brunello (class of '82)
2011- Pat Cusack (class of '82)
2012- Jon & Cindy McKellar (class of '75)
2013- Dominic Annecchini (class of '97)
2014- no award presented
2015- Steve Iwasko (class of '92)
2016- Karen Jaeckels (class of'77)
2017--no award given
2018--David Zavala (class of '91)
2019--Diane Martino