Art + Design Society

Moderator: Mrs. Amy Otremba,

Telephone: (805) 937-2038 x 125

Club Constitution/Mission Statement

We, as a society, will uphold the rules and guidelines laid down by this document.

We will hold regular meetings to discuss topics relevant to art and design.

We will elect our officers at the end of every school year by popular nomination and vote only of those willing and present at a meeting predetermined and well publicized.

We will respect our fellow members, and only give encouragement and constructive criticism on works of art and design.

And, we will work to positively influence the St. Joseph High School community and beyond through our work in art and design.

Meeting Dates

The Art and Design Society will meet the second Wednesday of each month.

Officers TBA


  • Empty Bowls, Santa Barbara Foodbank
  • Orcutt Children's Arts Foundation Events
  • Orcutt Children's Arts Foundation Gala
  • Painted Chair Event, Santa Maria Town Center "Chairs with a Flair"