Joe D.I.R.T. Club

Moderator: Mrs. Elizabeth Gregory,

Phone: (805) 937-2038 x 122

Mission Statement:

JOE D.I.R.T. Club (Digging in R Terrain!)

The mission of the JOE D.I.R.T. Club is to create, build, plant, grow and manage a sustainable garden on campus between E-6 and D-5. The club members, certain classes such as Algebra II and Biology, faculty and staff will work together to utilize grant funds, build and maintain a garden that will provide food, create educational experiences and emphasize being "hands on" learning.

Club Officers:


Vice President:

Meeting Dates: TBA


  • Sod Cutting Event - October 12
  • Clubs builds the bed
  • Irrigation and soil installed
  • Club installs the beds, soil and compost
  • Planting