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Consultative Board

In Accordance with the Archdiocese:

“A Consultative School Board is established to assist the administrative officers in the governance of the school. A Consultative school board is a body that participates in the policymaking process by formulating, adapting, and recommending policy to the person in authority to enact it.”

Purpose & Function

The Board is established to assist the administrative office (principal & administration) by providing advice and counsel particularly in the following areas:

The board has no authority for formulating policies separate from the Superintendent and the school’s administrative office. The Board does not have responsibility for determining amounts of Archdiocesan financial support of the school and had no responsibility with regard to the school curriculum, staff/ personnel, or students.

2017-18 Consultative Board/ Committee Members:

Chairperson: Diane Martino

Vice Chairperson: Fr. Aiden Peter Rossiter

Joel Byars (Chair), Margaret Porter Ontiveros (’72), Fr. Aiden Peter Rossiter

Carolyn Baldiviez(’86), Dana Cusack(’83), Diane Martino (Chair)(’85), David Wellenkamp (’86),
Committee Member: Mariah Mc Nulty (’10)

John Will (Chair), Committee Members: Steve Malfo, Dennis Blackburn, Ted Martino(’83)

Mike Bouquet (Chair)(’82), Committee Members: Pat Cusack (’82), Chuck Cova, Jim Spallino, Jennifer Murray

Fr. Ed Jalbert, CJ (Actively looking for committee members & a chairperson)

The Consultative Board meets the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:30 am on SJHS campus.

Throughout the school year the Consultative Board will periodically invite administration and faculty to attend meetings in order to educate the board on the procedures and processes of their position.

If you would like to contact the board or know of someone that would like to join the board feel free to call or e-mail Diane Martino at: 805-448-6081 or tedndiane@yahoo.com