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Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart Details -- What we do to serve our students and community


  • Head of School
    • Principal, Erinn Dougherty
      • The Principal is the head of school at St. Joseph High School. The Principal is the chief administrator of the school and serves as its spiritual and educational leader. The Principal is responsible for exercising independent judgment in the implementation of a broad array of programs and functions. These responsibilities encompass the areas of spiritual development, realization of the school's philosophy, curriculum, co-curricular activities, fiscal policies, discipline, personnel practices, school plant, and marketing and community relations. In fulfilling this role, the Principal is directly responsible to the Superintendent. The Principal works with the Chaplain to ensure Catholic Identity on campus. The Principal is the leads the Executive Leadership team and the Division Chairs. The Division Chairs are teacher leaders on the campus, and, with the Principal, comprise the Academic Council. Division Chairs lead division meetings with their departments (who make up their respective divisions) and assist the principal in overseeing, coaching, and communicating with the teachers and divisions from the academic council.
  • Executive Leadership Team
    • The Executive Leadership Team (ELT or leadership) is comprised of the principal and 4 assistant principals reporting to the principal. All members of leadership participate in weekly teacher walkthroughs, meet in the ELT meetings to participate in shared governance of the school, and respond to the Academic Council's recommendations. As the spiritual leader on campus, the Chaplain is also welcome to attend ELT meetings and any other meetings he desires to attend.
      • Assistant Principal of Advancement, Carmen Garcia
        • The Assistant Principal of Advancement is the architect of institutional advancement of the school, all marketing initiatives, admissions, and promotion of the school. Her primary role is to supervise the entire advancement team and ensure that one unified, public, positive message is being communicated from all elements of advancement to the community. She coordinates her colleague, the assistant principal of community outreach and engagement, in event planning and outreach for admissions. She is the primary architect of the admissions process and oversees the scheduling of the Principal for family interviews (through liaison with the principal's administrative assistant) and oversees the admissions team members {comprised of all ELT}) in the admissions process. She also oversees the development arm of advancement; she is the direct supervisor for the Development and Alumni director, who's main responsibilities include securing funding for scholarships, financial aid, and grant cultivation. Under the ultimate umbrella of the Assistant Principal of Advancement, the Development Office Assistant splits her time assisting the documentation and donor relations under the Development Director and the assisting the Assistant Principal of Community Outreach and Engagement in events support.
      • Assistant Principal of Community Outreach and Engagement, Pepe Villaseñor
        • The Assistant Principal of Community Outreach and Engagement is the primary face of all events related to the school. He, with assistance from the Assistant Principal of Athletics, is the architect of the student ambassador program to send students to events and locations in the community (admissions). All events, friend-raising and fundraising alike, bearing the name of the school fall under the purview of this office. The events team, parent volunteers, and alumni events (although not the alumni committee) fall under his purview. The Development Office Assistant splits her time assisting in events preparation and documentation of outreach under the assistant principal of community outreach and engagement. Additionally, all members of the ELT are on the admissions' team and report to the Assistant Principal of Advancement in their fulfillment of this portion of their employment responsibilities. The Assistant Principal of Community Outreach and Engagement is instrumental, with the Assistant Principal of Athletics, in the student ambassador program for parish outreach.
      • Assistant Principal of Athletics, Tom Mott
        • The Assistant Principal of Athletics is the main architect of all athletic co-curricular activities on the campus. He guarantees compliance to all CIF and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles policies regarding athletics. He sets the athletics budget to all teams based on funding provided to the athletics department from the principal in the annual budget. The Assistant Principal of Athletics is responsible for oversight of the fine arts moderators and all non-club/non-athletic team moderation (e.g. robotics, debate, theater). Additionally, all members of the ELT are on the admissions' team and report to the Assistant Principal of Advancement in their fulfillment of this portion of his/her employment responsibilities. the assistant principal of athletics is instrumental, with the assistant principal of community outreach, in the student ambassador program for 8th grade outreach.
      • Assistant Principal of Student Life, Ashley Guggia
        • The Assistant Principal of Student Life is the main contact for stakeholder information regarding clubs, student activities, the Associated Student Body, discipline, student wellness, the student/parent handbook, and student safety. She is proactive with the ELT to ensure that student services are meted out consistently, positively, proactively, and in a Christ-Centered manner to meet the needs of students. Additionally, all members of the ELT are on the admissions' team and report to the assistant principal of advancement in their fulfillment of this portion of his/her employment responsibilities. The Assistant Principal of Student Life is instrumental in assisting the Assistant Principal of Advancement in the logistical operations of admissions data collection, shadow day scheduling, and admissions support.
  • Chaplain
    • School Chaplain, Fr. Ed Jalbert
      • The Chaplain reports directly to the Principal. He strives to achieve the goals of Catholic education; works toward achieving the spiritual mission of the school and that the Catholic identity of the school is a focus; shows evidence of knowledge of the Catholic philosophy of education; promotes gospel values and Catholic moral teaching; upholds the doctrinal teachings of the Catholic Church. He provides for the sacramental life of the entire school community, involved in the planning and celebrates daily Mass when possible and school liturgies, following the General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM); individual Confessions and communal reconciliation services and para- liturgical services; acts as a resource to liturgy planners at the school. He provides opportunities for members of the community to deepen their understanding and commitment to Jesus and His message; helps foster the total, personal and spiritual growth of each person; raises consciousness and encourages action regarding contemporary moral and social programs, provides spiritual direction and pastoral counseling, provides opportunities for the students to be prepared for life in today’s Church and society. He assists the campus minister with the training of extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, and lectors and liturgical musicians for all school liturgical celebrations, acts as a resource for the prayer and devotional life of the school, assists with the retreat program for all members of the community, provides information and literature on priestly and religious vocations, supports vocation awareness and the promotion of vocations as well as helps students discern their response to God’s call, and maintains a ministry of presence for all; students, parents, faculty and staff. Knowledgeable and supportive of the school community and its mission.


Faculty Governance

  • Division Chairs are the teacher leadership on campus. They meet in Academic Council with the principal and any invited guests of the ELT on a weekly basis to make recommendations, communicate up and down, and ensure that the teacher perspective is communicated to the ELT to inform all decisions made on campus. Additionally, Division Chairs hold Division Meetings with their respective divisions to solicit feedback, communicate initiatives, and complete division-specific initiatives. They also participate in the ELT's walkthrough initiatives to assist in coaching and supporting the faculty in their respective divisions.
    • Mathematics and Science Division Chair, Staci Cochiolo
      • The Mathematics and Science Division Chair oversees all faculty teaching in the math department, science department, and physical education department.
        • Mathematics Faculty: Alyson Chavez, Staci Cochiolo, Britney Gregory, Sean Halloran
        • Science Faculty: Larissa Halsell, Sean Halloran, Pamela McDonald
        • Physical Education Department: Eliot Davis, Tammy Hartman
    • Languages and Cultures Division Chair, Michael Krob
    • The Languages and Cultures Division Chair oversees all faculty teaching in the Spanish department and English department.
      • Spanish Faculty: Alexis Abeytia, Grace Kirshner, Angelica Meza
      • English Faculty: Jessica Davis, Erinn Dougherty, Michael Krob, Christine Licoscos, James Yurasek
    • Humanities Division Chair, Monica Franco
      • The Humanities Division Chair oversees all faculty teaching in the theology department, social sciences and studies department, and in the related arts, which include fine arts and technology.
        • Theology Faculty: Carmen Garcia, Elizabeth Gregory, Paul Halsell, Ken Noe
        • Social Sciences and Studies Faculty: Monica Franco, Chris Head, Grace Kirshner, James Yurasek
        • Related Arts Faculty: Amy Curti, Amy Otremba, Brian Stark
    • Campus Minister, Elizabeth Gregory
      • Under the supervision of the principal and the Chaplain, the Campus Minister (also the senior theology teacher) reports directly to the Principal, through coordination with the Administrative Assistant to the Principal, in her role as Campus Minister. She helps create an environment which encourages and guides all members to contribute to the Catholic identity of the campus and the formation of a faith community which responds to the spiritual needs of the students, teachers, staff and parents. In collaboration with the administration, school chaplain, faculty and staff, parents, students, and parishes, the Campus Minister brings to life a campus rich in the school’s Josephite charism, spiritual growth, prayer, discipleship, sacramental experiences, social justice, and preparation of leaders in service for the Church and society. All questions regarding student community service/MobileServ should be directed to Mrs. Gregory.
    • ASB Moderator, Alexis Abeytia
      • The Associated Student Body (ASB) Moderator (also a Spanish teacher) reports directly to the Assistant Principal of Student Life in her role as ASB moderator. She supervises the student government program; directly supervises the Student Council serving as their moderator, moderating all of their meetings and activities and fulfilling the moderator role with regards to responsibilities; directs all A.S.B. fund-raising efforts of the students; makes all arrangements for and supervises student body and class officer elections, installations, and other related activities, including the prior screening of potential candidates; makes arrangements for and supervises homecoming court elections, homecoming week activities and the homecoming ceremony and dance; supervises class moderators in the preparation of social events; evaluates the efficiency of the various extracurricular activities for future improvements; verifies proper transportation for all activities, except athletic buses, in conjunction with the class and club moderators; assures that each class follows the financial policies of the school with regards to collection and expenditures of funds; keeps updated files on all individual class activities; promotes and directs a good program of publicity for non-athletic events within the school which includes public address announcements, posters, etc.; is responsible for the quality and appropriate content of all announcements and posters generated by the Student Council; and coordinates with the Athletic Director for the use of the gymnasium for any additional events not previously scheduled.
    • Testing Coordinator, Monica Franco
      • The Testing Coordinator (also Humanities Division Chair and Social Studies teacher) orders an appropriate number of information brochures and exams to accommodate the needs of student. She arranges collection of the monies paid by the students taking the AP exam(s) through the main office. She instructs faculty on the administration of standardized tests to be administered during the school year. She distributes test results to students and to the registrar for inclusion on the students' transcripts. She coordinates in all areas with Educational Testing Service and the American College Testing Service. She coordinates all STAR testing. She creates the test-proctoring schedule for all non-classroom testing and distributes it to all stakeholders.

Staff: Office Staff, Maintenance, Technology, Development/Alumni, Events

  • Main Office Support
    • Administrative Assistant to the Principal, Kellie Brackett
      • The Administrative Assistant to the Principal serves as office coordinator for all support staff. She reports directly to the principal and assists the business office (finance), the admissions team, and the principal. Additionally, in coordination with the principal, she oversees the other main office support staff, maintenance, the registrar, and the IT director. She also supports the campus minister through assistance with community service and logistics for all retreats. She assists the principal in organization of all files and maintains the principal's calendar.
    • Front Desk Secretary, Andrea Allison
      • The Front Desk Secretary reports directly to the Administrative Assistant to the Principal and ensures a welcoming, Christ-centered, and inviting first impression for all students, parents, faculty, staff, and community members who call or enter the front office and lobby of the school. She performs duties as assigned by the Administrative Assistant to the Principal and ensures that the front office is always staffed with either herself, a trained office aid, or the "bell" in rare instances; this is to ensure the warm welcome of all guests to the office.
    • Attendance Secretary, Debbie Wegemer
      • The Attendance Secretary reports directly to the Administrative Assistant to the Principal and ensures that all student attendance is recorded accurately by assisting parents, students, and teachers. She also is the manager of the student bookstore. She processes students returning from an absence of one day or more if the student has no parental note of clearance, when the Assistant Principal of Student Life is not available; she serves as the Attendance Office receptionist by servicing the window clientele, as necessary, to readmit students and get clearance for student absence; she checks on daily student absentees by telephoning the parents; refers students with truancies, unexcused absences, tardiness, and forged notes to the Assistant Principal of Student Life; refers student and parents to the Assistant Principal of Student Life and Principal in the event of long term medical absences or Authorized Family Absences; she assists the Dean of Students in verifying and correlating student absent notes and actual absences; she scans attendance sheets daily according to the established schedule and collects them when student office workers are absent; she generates the daily Master Attendance Report including absent verification; she makes readmit slips for absent students.
  • Facilities and Maintenance
    • Maintenance Director, Luis Perez / Maintenance, Felix Gonzalez
      • Maintenance Staff reports to the Administrative Assistant to the Principal and ensures that the grounds and physical plant are in excellent, attractive working order in addition to assisting with event set-up/take-down and all grounds.
  • Information and Instructional Technology
    • Technology Director, Brian Stark
      • The Technology Director (also yearbook teacher and director of the student tech team program) reports directly to the Principal through coordination by the Administrative Assistant to the Principal. He is responsible for the maintenance and operation of all of the information systems on campus, including hardware and software. Additionally, he provides training, in-service opportunities, and advice to faculty and staff regarding the computer systems on campus. He coordinates the purchase of all hardware, software, supplies, repair, or other services related to any computer system on campus. All requests for expenditure will be submitted to the Principal for consideration and approval. He collects Computer Access Release Form from students and keeps an accurate recording all of all devices checked out to faculty, staff, and classrooms.

  • Development Office, Alumni, and Events Support
    • Director of Development and Alumni Relations
      • The Director of Development and Alumni relations reports directly to the Assistant Principal of Advancement and establishes short- and long-range goals for unrestricted funding sources and enlists support from members of school staff. She strategizes and orchestrates methods of approach to institutional donors, researches public and private grant sources (agencies, corporations and foundations) to identify sources of restricted and unrestricted funding, works with program staff to develop funding related projects, and organizes individual donor campaigns (e.g., social media, major donors, and board of trustees). Additionally, she organizes various social media solicitation drives for pledges of ongoing support from individuals, corporations, and foundations in conjunction with the other Advancement Professionals. She is the alumni coordinator overseeing all non-events based alumni communication and solicitation. She is the scholarship coordinator, ensuring that scholarships maintain funding by donors.
    • Development Office Coordinator
      • The Development Office Coordinator reports to the Executive Leadership Team, specifically the Assistant Principal of Advancement. She splits her time between assisting the Assistant Principal of Community Outreach and Engagement and assisting the Director of Development and Alumni Relations. The Development Office Coordinator is responsible for assisting the Assistant Principal of Community Outreach and Engagement through assisting with all events held through that office and with the documentation of funds secured through those events and the efforts of that office. The Development Office Coordinator is responsible for assisting the Director of Development and Alumni Relations in expanding the private sector development department; in this role, her primary duties include all aspects of fund development, including cultivation and donor follow-up, reports, and correspondence to donors; and conducting prospect research on individuals, foundations, and corporations when asked. She assists all of Advancement by updating and maintain accurate alumni/alumnae data for use by school related committees and taking minutes at committee meetings for Advancement meetings and committee meetings.
    • Events Team, Laurie Gonzalez and Monica Bachman
      • The events team assists the Assistant Principal of Community Outreach and Engagement in hosting all friend-raising and fundraising events. In addition to the smaller events, they are integral in organizing the parent volunteers for BASH; Knights, Wines, and Brews; and all other events.

Staff: Business Office, Counseling, and Student Support

  • Business Office
    • Business Office Director, Dereka Anderson
      • The Business Office Director reports to the Principal and is responsible for providing financial, administrative and clerical services. This includes processing and monitoring payments and expenditures and preparing and monitoring the payroll system. By providing these services in an effective and efficient manner, she ensures that school finances are accurate and up to date, that employees are paid in a timely and appropriate manner, and that vendors and suppliers are paid within established time limits. Additionally, she ensures for the efficient operation of the cash receipts and is responsible for the collection and record keeping of tuition and other income accounts. She is assisted by the Administrative Assistant to the Principal.
  • Counseling and Student Support
    • STEP Coordinator, Jeremy Jauregui
      • The STEP Coordinator is the learning specialist tasked with leading support for students who need reasonable adjustments or additional support to meet the learning outcomes in the rigorous academic environment of St. Joseph High School. He reports directly to the Principal and the ELT. The coordinator is responsible for holding STEP meetings (creating and following the ADLA Support Team Education Plan (STEP) Meeting Agenda) for each STEP student annually to determine student strengths; analyze gathered data; prioritize concerns about the student's progress; create strategies for classroom, school, and home; and generate an action plan.Additionally, the STEP coordinator will hold STEP resource to meet in small groups and work one-on-one with STEP students to assist them in academic, spiritual, and social emotional success. The action plan/STEP plan requires the Team to prioritize the identified support strategies, identify the person who will be responsible for implementing each strategy, and develop a timeline for implementation and evaluation. The Team must record the Support Team Education Plan (STEP) plan and schedule dates for follow-up meetings to monitor student progress and results. The STEP coordinator is not only tasked to provide daily (usually) or weekly contact to provide and implement strategies, but also is responsible for ensuring that all team members are following the STEP plan with fidelity and documentation.
    • School Counselors, Christy Reasner and Angelica Meza
      • The school counselors report directly to the Executive Leadership Team to ensure that all practices are in adherence to the ADLA and the American School Counselors' Association's best practices. The school counseling department is comprised of a full-time school counselor (Christy Reasener), a part-time school counselor (Angelica Meza, who is also a Spanish teacher). The counselors also work closely with the Testing Coordinator to ensure the proctoring and delivery of all standardized testing on campus. The counselors also oversee the dual-enrollment and AP coordination on campus.
    • College Counseling Consultant, Vanessa Pelton
      • The College Counseling Consultant is a higher education professional (who's higher education positions have been Director of Enrollment and Retention Services, Transcript Analyst, and an Admissions Specialist for a California State University) hired to come for 6 information sessions directed towards specific grade levels and 4 open-sessions (3 hours each) where students/families can come and get assistance in the college application process from her directly. She works closely with the school counselors and reports directly to the principal.

    • Registrar, Kelly Head (née Swann)
      • The Registrar reports directly to the Administrative Assistant tot the Principal to ensure the care and maintenance of the school records. She issues all transcripts requested by students and other schools; prepares and maintains up-to-date permanent records and GPA sheets for every student; maintains a cumulative folder for each student including test scores, report cards, health records and emergency cards; transfers credit and grades from previous high schools and/or summer school topermanent record card and computer file; requests an official transcript from previous school for transferred students; keeps transcript verification from other schools on file; removes incomplete grades and makes grade changes on transcript and computer; assists the principal by preparing grade reporting sheets; inputs and verifies grades for report cards; runs report cards and assists with preparation for mailing; prepares labels, student-info lists, grade sheets, verifying grade sheets, report cards for each semester; keeps accurate records of students’ additions and withdrawals during the school year and notifies appropriate school personnel; keeps accurate count of the school’s enrollment; fills out "good student" insurance forms; and sets up files for incoming freshman and transfer students.

The job descriptions above are not exhaustive, but are meant to provide transparency regarding organizational leadership and responsibilities in an abbreviated form.