Service Program

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The St. Joseph High School service program requires the completion of service hours and a written service theological reflection for graduation. This policy is in full compliance with the Archdiocesan policies recommended for Catholic High Schools. The ultimate goal of a St. Joseph High School education is to fulfill the motto: “To Image Christ in Mind, Heart, Body, and Soul” in such a way that not only the student grows in this motto but the entire school community as well. The Christian Service program is required of every student because every student is both a leader and a learner and needs to develop skills in a broad range of areas regarding service in the community.

All service opportunities and documentation of hours is done through the MobileServe app


How and when may a student begin their volunteer service? All students must be fully registered at St. Joseph High School and in our system before starting service. Incoming freshmen and transfer students may begin volunteer service after the beginning of the new service year (generally the first part of June) provided they are fully registered.

Required Hours Definition: Required hours constitute a specified number of hours working with an organization, agency or event that serves the specific category listed by grade level.

Free Choice Hours Definition: Free choice hours constitute appropriate community service opportunities of any type or category as long as those hours are opportunities found on the school service website or pre-approved by service coordinators.

Service Hour Requirements:

  • 9th Grade: 15 hours (10 hours of "Required" service with church, school, neighborhood and 5 hours of “Free Choice”.) Altar serving is ONLY allowed for 9th grade.
  • 10th Grade: 25 hours (15 hours of "Required" service with agencies that work directly with the elderly or children such as Special Olympics, Magnolia and Primrose Care Homes, Good Samaritan After School Program, church organizations and schools and 10 hours of "Free Choice".)
  • 11th Grade: 25 hours (15 hours of "Required" service with community events or agencies that aid the community-at-large such as Food Bank, Serve Santa Maria, Teen Court, Hats for Hope, Relay for Life, etc., and 10 hours of "Free Choice".)
  • 12th Grade: 20 hours (10 hours of "Required" service assisting agencies that work directly with the economically disadvantaged, marginalized or the disabled such as Special Olympics, Catholic Charities, V.T.C., Good Samaritan and church groups that assist the poor and 10 hours of "Free Choice.")

Please note:

  • If a student should reach and exceed their total number of "Required Hours" while performing a service opportunity, the number of hours that exceed their total required will go into "Free Choice" category.
  • A Service Certificate will be awarded at the end of the year for all students who exceed their total service hours by 10 hours.
  • Altar serving counts for community service only for 9th grade students.