Mobile Serve


Class of 2020: 9260B9

Class of 2021: A4B2A4

Class of 2022: 4B153A

Class of 2023: 534154

Innovation is here.

As of August 16, 2017 St. Joseph High School is a MobileServe School!

What are we doing?

SJHS has contracted with MobileServe, a company that specializes in tracking service hours for schools, clubs and businesses. They have a platform that counts, records, and organizes student service hours through their website and their apps. The student profile pages give quick data and feedback to the students. Also, students will get a “service transcript” to submit to colleges and universities specifying what serve they did, where, and pictures to prove it! As of right now,

Why are we doing it?

Our goal is to increase student responsibility regarding service. They will be able to instantly track their progress as well as get verification, pictures and take notes to help them remember as they write their theological service reflection at the end of the year. Students were instructed at their first service homeroom as to how to download the free app. They can get an app for both iPad and phone. Service is verified three ways

  • GPS/Are they physically there?
  • Signature on device by supervisor or
  • Email to supervisor and then to Mrs. Gregory

Students enter their hours for service opportunities and those hours are signed off or verified by supervisor. Then it is sent to Mrs. Gregory…and the hours are approved or rejected. An email is sent to the student through the app. Students are allowed to resubmit hours in order to try again. Service hours will be rejected if there is not an attached location and a signature or email.

To be utilize this new tracking platform, all students must downloaded the app.